Terms for Ticket Buyers

By attending InfinityCon, you confirm that you have read and understand the following Terms and Conditions, including our Code of Conduct, and that you agree to be bound by them. We highly encourage you to read them very carefully


Failure to comply with any aspects of the following terms gives the Rainbow Team (RT) the right to expulsion from the event as well as future bans, without any form of compensation. The RT has sole discretion in determining whether the terms have been followed. Please notice that the RT reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. 

Responsibility Of The Rainbow Team

- The RT only takes responsibility for events where its members, associates, assistants and supporters participate.
- The RT reserves the right to change the date and place of InfinityCon for a maximum of the PERFORMERS’ presence.
- In case InfinityCon is postponed, tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates announced. If you cannot attend InfinityCon at that date, you will be invited to contact the RT and you'll be refunded.
- In case InfinityCon is cancelled, tickets will be refunded. If you have to cancel your attendance for reasons not caused by force majeure reasons or by the ORGANIZER, no refund will be possible.
- The presence of the PERFORMERS is contractual. However, due to work commitments or other circumstances, PERFORMERS may have to cancel their presence. In this case, there will be no refund. The RT will do everything possible if this is the case to replace him or her with a new PERFORMER.
- The cancellation of the appearance of one or more PERFORMERS would not imply the cancellation of InfinityCon. Therefore do not base your participation on a single PERFORMER only; it is clear that if they were to cancel their presence, this occurrence does not result in any possible refund of the tickets.
- In case of change of date or cancellation of InfinityCon, the RT assumes no responsibility for costs of accommodation, plane tickets or expenses of any other kind.
- In case of having acquired extras of one or more PERFORMERS who cancelled, the RT will allow their exchange for other PERFORMER’s extras or grant a refund. In no case will the other tickets be refunded, unless InfinityCon is cancelled entirely.
- The RT assumes no responsibility for any comment given or actions taken by the PERFORMERS’ or his/her crew members who act on their own initiative.
- The RT assumes no responsibility or liability regarding accidents or lost objects during InfinityCon.
- The RT and the owner of the VENUE of InfinityCon will not be responsible for any loss, theft, injury or damage occurring during InfinityCon.
- For the duration of InfinityCon, if necessary, security personnel are authorized to ask for attendees’ identification or perform luggage searches.
- The RT reserves the right to deny admission.
- Partaking in all activities will be coordinated exclusively by the crew. Ignoring the instructions of the crew may lead to expulsion from InfinityCon without any kind of indemnification.

Responsibilities Of The Ticket Holder

- I am in an appropriate physical condition to participate in InfinityCon, given the known parameters of InfinityCon (such as the length, time, physical demands and environmental context).
- I have taken medical advice on any pre-existing medical conditions, and confirm that it is medically safe for me to participate in InfinityCon.
- I consent to receiving medical treatment in the event of illness or injuries suffered during or immediately after InfinityCon.
- I acknowledge that there are risks involved in InfinityCon. I fully realize the potential risks of participating in InfinityCon, and fully assume the risks associated with my participation and my well-being and safety during and after InfinityCon. I understand and acknowledge that the RT (including all officials and event volunteers) provide no warranties, regarding my wellbeing and safety.
- I understand and agree that situations may arise during InfinityCon, which may be beyond the immediate control of the RT (including all team members and event volunteers).
- I will participate in InfinityCon in a manner that does not endanger either me or others.
- I agree that to the extent of it being permissible by law, the RT (including all officials and event volunteers), the sponsors and other parties associated with InfinityCon, have no liability to me whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss, (including, but not limited to injury or death) sustained by me during or in any way related to my participation in InfinityCon.
- I authorize the use of my name, voice, picture and information on this entry form in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, and in any other way, without payment to me or any other form of compensation.
- I agree to comply with the rules, and regulations pertaining to InfinityCon.
- I agree to follow all reasonable safety instructions provided to me by the RT, (including all officials and event volunteers) before, during and after InfinityCon.

Tickets & Activities

- Prices include all taxes. - Seats will be assigned to you based on the ticket type you have. - In order to acquire photos and autographs, holding of the correct ticket is needed. - To get your tickets, you will have to present your ID and your e-ticket. Without an ID or E-ticket, we will not be able to give you your pass or your extras. - For security purposes, you must be wearing either your lanyard or bracelet (signifying your pass) at all times. This will be given to you when you check in/register for InfinityCon. If you are seen without one of these, you may be escorted out of InfinityCon. - If unable to attend, ticket holders can transfer their tickets to someone else. The transaction is the ticket holder’s responsibility and to be carried out by themselves. However, before any exchanges are made, contacting the RT is required to get authorization. No ticket changes will be done without prior consent of the RT. - Tickets allow access to InfinityCon, but their benefits and privileges will depend on the pass option acquired. - You must have your lanyard or bracelet (signifying your pass) during the entire InfinityCon.

Interactions, Photo & Video

- Any form of disruptive or violent behaviour will result in the immediate expulsion from InfinityCon. - No touching of the PERFORMER is allowed without asking for permission. - Be kind always – wait your turn, let people talk in peace, keep your noise level to a minimum and please do not use harsh words. - Please avoid personal and embarrassing questions. The PERFORMER can refuse to answer any questions without any explanation. - Lunch break is resting time for PERFORMERS – please respect this and do not approach them. - No excessive alcohol drinking is allowed – you may be asked to leave if your behaviour is disruptive. - No interrupting of the PERFORMERS during toilet breaks. - Ticket holders will not have access to the backstage or the stage. - Gifts can be delivered ONLY to the designated gift table, and are NOT to be given to PERFORMERS during autograph sessions, photo sessions, or meet and greet sessions. - Objects to be signed by the PERFORMER must be previously approved by a member of the RT and the PERFORMER. - The PERFORMER can refuse to sign any object or product that they consider offensive or unappealing in any form. - It is allowed to take photos and record videos during PANELS as long as it is done from your own seat and without flash. Taking photos or making recordings of any kind during any other activities is strictly forbidden. - Usage of the photos and videos for purposes to create pornographic works, as well as other actions somehow discrediting the honour and dignity of the PERFORMER, the RT or any other person, are contrary to the rights and interests and not consistent with common morality, ethics and current International jurisdiction is strictly forbidden. - By attending our events you agree to allow the RT to use your photo in any form of promotion, website and in the news, documentaries or stories, and understand that this will not entitle you to compensation of any kind.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on our website or contact us if you need any more information.

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