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What is a convention?

A Convention is an event for fans of a certain TV show or movie with star guests of said show or movie in attendance. They can participate in Panels, Photo Ops, Autograph Sessions, Meet and Greets and more. Nowhere else will you get this experience of celebrating your favourite show together with its actors and other fans!

How can I be a volunteer for your event?

Fill out the Volunteer Application Form on our website (which will be posted as soon as we are ready to begin accepting applications). As a volunteer you will most likely miss large parts of the Convention depending on your assigned job, so keep that in mind!

Is there an age limit for InfinityCon?

If you are under 16 years old, you need to have a guardian with you or bring a permission slip from your guardian and a copy of their ID. If you are under 13, you have to have a parent or guardian over 18 with you.

Can disabled people attend?

Yes, we make an effort to plan events that are inclusive of everyone. If you need accomodations, please email us so that we can arrange to ensure your needs are met.

Where do I order my ticket?

You can find our ticket site here.

What pass do I buy if I plan to attend only one day?

If you can only attend one day, we recommend you to get the Day Pass for that day only.

Can I have a refund if I can't or don't want to go to the Convention anymore?

Only if the event itself is cancelled. You can, however, sell your ticket to someone else. You just have to let us know the name and email address of the buyer.

Where can I find the schedule for the Convention?

The schedule will be posted on our website and our social media channels a few weeks before the Convention. We’re planning for Panels and special activities such as Meet & Greets on Friday, and Sunday will include more Panels, plus Photo Ops and Autographs.


What is a panel?

Panels are on-stage Q&A’s with Convention guests (actors, etc.), moderated by a Rainbow Team member. Audience members will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Panels are included with all entry tickets.

Where do I sit at the panels?

That depends on which kind of entry ticket you buy. Front-row seating will be reserved for VIP ticket holders, and Gold ticket holders will sit behind them. Seats within rows are not assigned. All other ticket holders can sit anywhere else.

Can I take photos/videos at the panels or other activities?

You can take photos without flash from your seats at the panels. During other activities, it is not permitted to take photos, videos or audio recordings of the actors. Please be respectful of this policy. If you are seen out of compliance with this policy, you may be asked to leave the event.


Where can I buy photoshoots/autographs with the guests?

All extras can be bought here. We will announce on our social media channels when different extras go on sale.

What happens at the photoshoots?

We will have professional photographers at the event who will take the pictures of you and the actor(s) in front of a backdrop. You are free to choose the pose, as long as the actor agrees to it. Please have the pose ready to explain or have a picture of it ready on your phone, as time is limited to 30 seconds per photo op.

Can two or more fans be in the same picture?

Yes, if each fan has a photo ticket, you will get as many photos as photo tickets, so for example if you’re 2 fans, and you have 2 photo tickets, you may have 2 different photos taken (2 poses).

When and how will I get my picture?

We will not offer printed photos, but only digital. Everyone will receive their copies either through Google Drive or a private e-mail (if you do not want to share your photos with others) within 10 days after the Convention.

What happens at the autograph session?

All the actors will sit at different tables and you get your autographs one after another. You will have a few minutes to speak with the actors as they are signing.

Can I bring gifts or letters to give actors?

If you bring a gift or letter, make sure that it is small, as actors will have limited room in their suitcases to transport these items. We strongly prefer that you drop gifts or letters off at the designated gift table that will be set up in an obvious place at the Convention venue. You may opt to give a gift during an autograph session, but keep in mind that there will not be a lot of time for this, since autograph sessions are typically long, and everyone deserves equal time with the actors. Please be respectful of others’ time.

Which items can I get signed at the autograph session?

You may bring whatever you’d like for the actors to sign, within reason (e.g. SKAM books, a notebook, an art print). Guests may refuse to sign any item with which they are not comfortable.

What happens at the Meet & Greets?

The Meet and Greet is a 30 minute activity, where a maximum of 20 fans spend time with the actor(s), to speak with them about anything they want (again, within reason) in a more intimate setting. At the end, there will be time set aside for each participant to take a selfie with the actor.

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