Friday 26th & Sunday 28th June, 2020
Meet Ullevål

Oslo, Norway

In Every Universe…

We at The Rainbow Team have experienced first-hand the transformative power of gathering with people in a common place and connecting over our shared passion for SKAM. It started with a dream that became the reality of High On SKAM 1 in December 2018. Then the dream expanded and we made the impossible happen for High On SKAM 2 in December 2019. 

We’re both moved and motivated by your support and enthusiasm thus far, so you know we can’t stop now! Join us on June 26th and 28th in Oslo, Norway, for ... INFINITYCON 2020!  Our event is intentionally formed around Oslo Pride Week, so that both actors and attendees can experience this beautiful and important happening.

InfinityCon will be both next-level and a return to The RT’s and SKAM’s roots …

… part fan meetup, part convention …

… planned to coincide with Oslo Pride …

... with guests from across the SKAM Multiverse …

… and appearances by your favorite fan artists, writers, and reactors ...

… (re)connect and celebrate with your found SKAMily in the place where it all began ...

We can’t wait to see YOU there!


InfinityCon Guests

The Rainbow Team wishes to bring the SKAM cast and their fans together for a weekend of lifelong memory-making. We want the fans to experience their faves in real life and the actors to experience the profound impact their acting has had on their fans.

Reiky de Valk

Kes de Beus in SKAM NL

Luise Emilie Tschersich

Sara Adamczyk in DRUCK

Suus de Nies

Isa Keijser in SKAM NL

Tua El-Fawwal

Amira Thalia Mahmood in DRUCK

Florian Regtien

Lucas van der Heijden in SKAM NL

Cengiz Al

Yousef Acar in SKAM

Florian Appelius

Hans Brecht in DRUCK

Mutta Ahmed

Mutasim Tatouti in SKAM

Zoë Love Smith

Liv Reijners in SKAM NL

Giovanni Niubo

Tyler Nunez in SKAM Austin

Anselm Bresgott

Jonas Augustin in Druck

Lukas von Horbatschewsky

David Schreibner in Druck

Kennedy Hermansen

Grace Olsen in SKAM Austin

Daniel Slade

Shay Dixon in SKAM Austin

Bo van Borssum Waalkes

Engel Beekman in SKAM NL

Sophia Hopkins

Abigail Heyward in SKAM Austin

Pedro Castaneda

Jordan Diaz in SKAM Austin

Maxence Danet-Fauvel

Eliott Demaury in SKAM France

Philippine Stindel

Emma Borgès in SKAM France

Carl Bagnar

Stefan Wiese in DRUCK

Sara Calmeijer Meijburg

Janna Mertens in SKAM NL

Julie Rocha

Megan Flores in SKAM Austin

Valeria Vera

Josefina Valencia in SKAM Austin


Tentative Schedule

(subject to change when program is finalized)


Convention Venue

- Meet Ullevål -

Meet Ullevål is one of Norway’s largest meeting and conference centers. Located at Ullevål Stadion, public transport is close by, and it’s also close to Oslo city center. It’s only a 9 minute subway ride from downtown, an airport shuttle stops right outside every 20 minutes. There are also over 600 parking spaces in the hotel’s lower floor.


If you need to stay the night, Meet Ullevål collaborate with the Thon Hotel Ullevål Stadion. The conference hotel is located next to Meet Ullevål, and has 144 rooms. You can read more about our special InfinityCon rates further down on this page. 

You can visit their website for more venue information. ⁣


Summer Party Venue

- The top floor of Popsenteret -

We are excited to announce that we will have a Summer Party for fans on Saturday 27th of June from 4pm to 11pm, after the pride parade! We have booked the top floor of Popsenteret in central Oslo, where we can sing, dance and talk to each other.

Ticket cost 25 euros per person, which includes entrance to Popsenteret museum (from 4 pm to 5 pm), party ticket and dinner buffet. Popsenteret is an interactive museum of popular music. Their mission is to exhibit the vast history of Norwegian popular music and culture, with a particular focus on Oslo and its surrounding regions. We highly recommend a visit!

Ticket are available through our ticket site.

*The event is open for all fans, even for those without any InfinityCon passes*


Venue Hotel

- Thon Hotel Ullevål Stadion -

Do you need somewhere to stay for InfinityCon? Consider Thon Hotel Ullevål Stadion!


This stunning hotel is directly adjacent to the our venue, so you won’t find a more convenient option, plus it features all the same amenities (airport shuttle, parking garage, close to public transport).

They are offering SPECIAL rates for InfinityCon attendees, and rooms in this block will be held until 50 days before the event (7th of May), unless they book up sooner. You can book your stay DIRECTLY by emailing with your name(s) and the nights you want to stay. Be sure to mention reference number 29047708 to receive our special block rates!

1895 NOK for a single or 2095 NOK for a double room Thursday through Saturday night

1545 NOK for a single or double room Sunday night.


All rates include breakfast.

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All rights reserved.

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