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The Rainbow Team (RT) is an international non-profit organization creating unique events for young and young at heart people everywhere! Our mission is to bridge gaps - and dismantle social prejudices - for and with young people across the globe, through inclusive, shared experiences of representative art and like-minded interests. 

  • Dijana Stupar

    Oslo, Norway

    RT Role: Chair, Finance Manager, Talent Relations
    Day job: Head of PR, Talent Relations & Media Consulting for Inner Voice Artists (IVA)

    "The Rainbow Team was born in my mind and heart, in April 2018, so I guess you can say I have definitely been here from the very beginning."


    Five things that make her happy: Traveling. Sound of sea waves. Mountain hiking. Scuba diving. My friends and family. 

    A fun fact about you: Underwater caves are my favourite place to be.

  • Lizzie Friedman

    Toledo, Ohio, USA

    RT Role: Vice Chair, Project/People Manager, Partnerships

    Day job: Coach/advisor to early childhood education startups on data use, strategic planning, and continuous improvement


    “I was lucky to be a volunteer for HOS1, so I know firsthand the life-changing power of connecting with other fans. I knew I wanted to join the team officially to have the privilege of continuing to provide these opportunities for our global SKAMily!”

    5 things that make her happy: snacks, pets, hugs, dancing, new friends

    Fun fact: My husband and I own and operate an independent record store!

  • KT Dillon

    SF Bay Area, California, USA

    RT Role: Art/Artist Coordinator, Social Media

    Day job: Barista & Crafter 

    “I was a volunteer for HOS1 in December 2018, and was happy to jump on the opportunity to be a permanent member and continue this amazing adventure.”

    5 things that make her happy: My family & my dog Helo, Creating/Crafting, Science Fiction, 90’s pop-punk, Lizzie.


    Fun fact: I Had a Star Wars Wedding and a Harry Potter Honeymoon.

  • Marie-Lou (Lou) Obdeijn

    Leuven, Belgium & Lanarce, France

    RT role: Website Coordinator, Attendee Hospitality


    Day job: I’m a student! I currently study audiovisual media at the Ritcs School Of Art in Brussels, Belgium.

    “I am a founding member of the RT.”

    5 things that make her happy:  Dancing, Music, My Friends, Travelling, Reading.

    Fun fact: I made my own Skam Inspired web series once for a school project, and I have my own kpop dance cover group. 

  • Lisa (Lizzy) Grebenteuch

    Halle, Germany

    RT Role: Ticketing/Sales Manager, Social Media

    Day job: Operations Agent at the airport


    “I was a volunteer for High On Skam 1 in December 2018 and afterwards got the opportunity to join the team.”

    5 things that make her happy: Concerts, Conventions, Travel, Friends and good TV shows

    Fun fact: I know how to juggle!

  • Nadège Merlo


    RT role: Programming Coordinator, Talent Hospitality

    Day job: Performance Manager in a wine company.

    “I’ve been a part of the SKAM community for three years now and when I got the opportunity to join the team, I jumped in! Traveling to attend events and meeting up with other fans changed my life and brought me a lot of joy. My goal is to help make it happen for everyone else.”

    5 things that make her happy: Cuddling my family, Traveling, Walking by the sea, Reading for hours without real life getting in the way, Attending concerts.
    Fun fact: I was French vice-champion in rhythmic gymnastics in another life.

  • Sanni Kalliokulju

    The Hague, Netherlands & Juva, Finland

    RT role: Volunteer Coordinator

    Day job: I’m a full time student and when not studying, I work as a nanny.

    “I have been a part of Skamily for a long time now, and got an opportunity to volunteer for HOS2 in Rome. I had an amazing time, and afterwards I was offered a chance to join The Rainbow Team which I accepted quite quickly. Through SKAM I have met so many incredible people that I now call friends, and I couldn’t be happier to get a chance to be a part of creating events that bring people together from all over the world.”

    5 things that make her happy: Friends, Family, Tv-shows & movies aka Netflix, Travelling, Music.
    Fun fact: I spent 2 years in Australia, working and travelling.

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